Club Chateau

Join Club Chateau, we offer regular visitors and friends of Wolwedans the opportunity to stay at half price at any time of the year.
Membership benefits

Make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers, especially regional travellers

Offer regular visitors significantly discounted rates for their loyalty

Secure financial support to implement the 5Cs through The AridEden Project

Wolwedans Club Chateau has been in place for some 15 years, offering our regular visitors and friends of Wolwedans the opportunity to stay at half price at any time of the year in exchange for a once-off, up-front payment of 200,000 Namibian Dollars (± €10,000). Club Chateau Members pay once and then utilise their credit within a period of five years at a discount of 50%. All that would remain to be paid during their future stay are Sustainability Levies, beverages and extras.

Although strictly speaking this is part of the Wolwedans commercial offering, it enables us to continue funding our 5Cs activities through the collection of Sustainability Levies. So, indirectly, it offers an incentive for Club members to support our cause.

This 5 year-long credit remains yours to utilize as you wish. Your account will be debited with every stay until you have exhausted your credit, after which, membership can easily be extended with a N$200k top up.

Members can be private individuals who visit Wolwedans on a regular basis and can see themselves, or members of their family and friends, spending a number of days annually at this location in the future. Club Chateau also welcomes corporate members from around the world, who can use their membership to incentivize, entertain and reward, employees, clients and high achievers.

Download the Terms and Conditions and the Club Chateau Membership form

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Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win-win situation for both the Club member as well as Wolwedans in pursuing its broader conservation and sustainability interests. On behalf of the Wolwedans family you are invited to consider this proposition and see merit in joining a circle of special people who cherish nature and the ‘Wolwedans Way’ as much as they enjoy well-appointed, charming camps, good food, fine wines, and the great Namibian outdoors.

Wolwedans channels a certain percentage of its total turnover into the Wolwedans Foundation. Hence, a portion of your Club payment is channelled into the Foundation too. The Wolwedans Foundation is the social responsibility vehicle of the Wolwedans Collection and focuses on conservation, culture and community. So apart from conservation support, your contribution will go a long way in contributing towards a worthy cause. Members who become part of the Wolwedans family, experience the Wolwedans way of life and share in the dream of conserving the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Summary of benefits:

50% saving on accommodation

5 year time period to engage benefits

Transferable benefits (NB member may not transfer membership)

Renewable membership

Exclusive access and use of Chateau Namib

Priority wait-listing during peak occupancy periods

Supporting the Wolwedans Foundations community, conservation and culture focused projects

Protecting the land rehabilitation efforts of the NamibRand Nature Reserve

Supporting the continued growth of the 220 000 hectare protected pro-Namib ecosystem

Members of the club are also given the exclusive  opportunity to experience the secluded Chateau Namib. An extremely private dwelling, 100% off the grid and self-catered, the Chateau Namib is aptly named after the plains it overlooks and the desert in which it was created.

As an artist retreat, sculptors, painters, musicians and instrumentalists, tap into the natural rhythm of the earth to awake inspiration here. As a meditation space, the silence that results from the seclusion is simply breathtaking and creates the perfect space for vipassana or silent retreats. As a stargazer’s paradise, it provides the perfect backdrop for avid astronomy enthusiasts, photographers and filmmakers seeking unique locations.

It’s a small place on earth positioned to bring you closest to the untamed solitude of the Namib Desert and its stoic secrets.

Contact us directly via the enquiry form to find out more.