Several archaeologically significant sites occur on the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Rock shelters as well as burial sites decorated with rock engravings containing numerous stone tools from the late Holocene occupation between 5,100 Before Present (BP) and 2,300 BP are scattered throughout the Reserve. Numerous so-called historic hunting blinds, made up of stones packed in small circles, also occur frequently on NamibRand. As very little is known about these archaeological sites, they are still being studied and catalogued by visiting scientists such as the Kinahan’s
(See ).

John & Jill Kinahan have a wonderful website with more information for those seeking further knowledge,

Due to their sensitivity to degradation from human traffic and because work on these sites is ongoing, archaeology sites are not open to visitors on NamibRand. Most of these known sites are protected in that they are included in wilderness or primitive land-use zones. Long term plans to make these historic treasures available to the public are in progress and selected sites will be opened to visitors, once management plans for these sites are completed and approved by the Reserve’s board of directors.