NewsByte: Presenteeism

Presenteeism:  The Epidemic Affecting Offices Nationwide

present – ee –ism

In this week's article we look at the latest buzz word on the Tourism circuit… presenteeism.

Imagine yourself getting up early in the morning and it’s just not your day. You all know what I’m talking about.. one of those days where the neighbour selfishly decides to blast his stereo ‘til 4am on a week night. You can’t sleep a wink and then you’re still expected to magically rise out of bed before 7am and get ready for work. Once you’re dressed and all set to go, the car won’t start! Or worse, you’re standing outside waiting for a cab, and when you finally find one – he decides to take the longest possible route to your spot. You’re late! Finally you get to your desk and mumble apologies. Just as you’re settling into your work, disaster strikes. You’ve missed an important deadline; your suppliers refuse to deliver on time; your supervisor is breathing down your neck; your clients are complaining like crazy; your colleague is giving you attitude and nothing seems to be going your way. Finally, though distracted , you turn to your computer. There’s so much to do, where to begin? You decide, you need a break, all this stress is giving you a headache. Time to mentally switch off for a while. Take a quick break. It’s only 9.30 in the morning, but you’re exhausted, feeling kind of sick and wishing the clock would strike 5.00. Okay, you decide, just a few minutes of distraction will do you a world of good. You surf the net. First Facebook, catch up with all your friends. Time flies. Oops, here comes the boss. Quickly, close the pop-up window. Back to business. Start a quick chat with a buddy. Wow, it seems he’s got such juicy stories to share. Then peep-peep, there’s a buzz, you’ve got mail. Yippee, you’ve been waiting all morning for that WhatsApp message. Type up a quick response. There’s a reply. Another text. Surely you can’t be rude and ignore the message?... Whoa, where has the morning gone, it’s already lunch time!

Get back to the office.  You’re 15minutes late. The queues were just too long, it wasn’t your fault. Focus. You’re staring at the computer screen again. Man, there’s so much work to do- where to begin? Need a moment to gather your thoughts and get into the mood. Google. Sports. News. Gossip. Recipes. Travel. Fashion. People. Lots of pictures you wouldn’t want others to see you watching.  Health Tips. Stop. Someone randomly stands at your desk, quickly switch back to work. Hope she didn’t see the screen. Oh no, it’s already 4pm. There’s only one hour left of work! What to do?

If any of those things have ever happened to you, you’ve been affected by the epidemic! Presenteeism is real!

 According to TribeHR, presenteeism occurs when you are physically present at work, but due to a physical issue (maybe you’re sick) or emotional stress (you argued with a loved one)  you become distracted to the point of reduced productivity.

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If you would like to get help, start here and read more on the subject. Remember, you can always speak to a manager or colleague if you need advice.