Wolwedans Winter Games & Soccer Cup 2018

Now in its 3rd year, the annual Wolwedans Winter Games are held at the Wolwedans Village to celebrate cultural expression, promote overall health and wellness and provide an opportunity for team members to interact and explore their skills and talents. The event is designed to celebrate culture through active participation and aims to create creative artistic expression opportunities for the Wolwedans team members who participate.

The Wolwedans soccer team kick off the 2-day event with a tournament that brings teams from the neighbouring areas (lodges, farms and concessionaries) to compete in a round robin series of games, culminating in the finals where a winner gets to raise the trophy. This year (2018), Wolwedans showed a winning spirit by defeating their rivals 1-0 in a dramatic finish to claim their title as champions of the Winter Cup 2018.

The Winter Games consist of various activities in which team members can participate, from volleyball, netball, tug-of-war, e-biking as well as quizzes and board games that occupy the time well into the evening. In 2019, the Games will be known as the Wolwedans Winter Festival, which will aim to bring interested guests to participate and watch as the Wolwedans team take a well-deserved winter break to prepare for the busy season ahead with a cultural bash and celebration.