The making of a Desert Symphony

A piano, strategically assembled inside a glass cube, erected in the middle of the Chateau Plains at Wolwedans was the home of the Stranger for 40 days and nights, as he created a series of fractals, destined to become part of a desert symphony and ultimately a decade long musical project that will eventually travel around the world.

In the early winter of 2018, a cultural intervention was realised in the Chateau Plains at Wolwedans, as the team collaborated with the He Stranger group to extend the vision of the critically acclaimed pianist, known only as the Stranger, into reality.

The overseas team chose to collaborate with Wolwedans and the NamibRand Nature Reserve as well as the children from NaDeet to originate this project and celebrate art and musical expression through the Wolwedans Foundation and the NamibRand Safaris team.

In creating the desert symphony – the Stranger also prepares to share his creations (fractals) with the global public by encouraging listeners of the Soundcloud channel, created to house all the fractals, to download and share the music, even use it for their own work.

The global initiative was kicked off at Wolwedans with an impressive technical team and film crew, sound engineers and logistics professionals and concluded in dramatic fashion by a fiery display, that was large enough to resemble land art, which was burnt in the light of the full moon by a group of young learners from the nearby NaDeet who performed an impressive finale collaboration with the Stranger, while a large technical team supervised the final display and culmination of the project. Visit the Facebook and Soundcloud pages here to absorb the energy of the project, listen to the fractals and continue to follow the pioneering story of The Stranger, as he continues his journey - sharing art and expression as a form of bridging divides and sharing his love for the piano.