Signature of Light adorns the desert

Artist Luzius Ziermann's installation 'Signature of the Light' at Wolwedans in 2009 was probably the first artwork, which could be viewed from space... 

German artist Luzius Ziermann is fascinated by nature, a passion he has expressed in colorful paintings throughout his career. With his current project “Signature of the Light,” his mission is to go a step further and "ennoble nature to art itself." “Signature of the Light” is the name Ziermann has chosen for his art campaign. Just over 2,500 side-view car mirrors collected from junkyards are arranged over an area measuring 2,500 square meters in the "Sign of Luzius" – a symbol for light created by the artist himself. To date, the sign has been laid out on extraordinary landscapes in Namibia and on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. In October 2011, the mirrors will adorn a landscape in Ireland. Ultimately, Ziermann’s goal is to bring his installation to a number of locations on all continents. Ziermann sees the installation as a signature for the landscape, similar to a signature on a painting. Coordinates of the artwork's placement at Wolwedans: 25° 6’ 52.16’’ S - 15° 59’ 44.11’’ E. The exposure and sponsorship of Ziermann's artwork has introduced Wolwedans staff to international art and has been a rewarding and enriching cultural learning experience for guests and staff alike.

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