Wolwedans invests USD 90.000 in solar fridges

Wolwedans has now taken the plunge and replaced all gas fridges with low-energy Ardo Solar fridges and freezers. This helps us take bold steps in the direction of our long-term conservation objective: to run the whole Wolwedans operation solely on renewable energy sources and switch off the diesel generator for good. Whilst electricity for lights at our lodge and camps has been generated from solar panels from day one, until recently we have been running all fridges on gas. This has been implemented gradually during 2016 and has cost Wolwedans N$650.000 (app. USD 90.000). This is yet another investment, totally invisible to the guest, which highlights our commitment to sustainability and conservation as a whole. Apart from reducing our gas consumption significantly, the use of solar fridges reduces our consumption of fossil fuels (i.e. the transport of gas bottles to Wolwedans) as well as carbon emissions generated by the usage of liquid gas. All this makes Wolwedans an even greener operation. Says Stephan Brückner: MD of Wolwedans: ‘We could have built another three rooms for that money, but we choose to rather invest in the sustainability of our operation.’ Plans for a green future at Wolwedans also include replacing all gas stoves with biogas stoves. Currently we are in the process of investigating options, if anyone has experience with biogas ovens/stoves run on biogas please share this valuable information with us. Send your contributing thoughts to: sustainability@wolwedans.org