Wolwedans has launched its state of the art solar hybrid system

Wolwedans has launched its state of the art solar hybrid system, which is set to reduce fossil fuel consumption for power generation by 65%, setting a bold example to the local hospitality industry in Namibia. Wolwedans is pushing the green buttons where it can - an ethical decision enforced by the responsibility we feel towards the sensitive desert environment we operate in. As a Long Run Destination we want to comply with the international trend moving towards eco-tourism destinations and cater for international visitors who become increasingly sensitized to the need for protecting the natural habitat and are ever more conscious of this fact when deciding on their holiday destination. ‘To us, luxury is not golden taps or marble bath tubs’, says Stephan, ‘but rather the liberating experience of space, the opportunity to relish the grandeur and tranquility of one of the last pristine places on earth that is truly untainted by human activity. Thus we incur tremendous costs to the visitor without him/her being aware of it.’ Part of our short- term sustainability mission will be to educate the visitor on what it entails to be a Long Run Destination, forging an awareness of the multi-faceted nature of eco-tourism.