Promoting larger landscape conservation initiatives

Perhaps one of the most crucial contributions of Wolwedans to the Reserve is the promotion of the concept of financially viable conservation to local landowners. The aim here is to encourage landowners to stop unsustainable farming practices and adopt a conservation and ecotourism model, thereby expanding the Reserve or joining forces as partners in larger landscape conservation initiatives (i.e. the already established Pro-Namib Conservancy adding another 50 000 ha). Such agreements permit fences to be dropped allowing wildlife to roam freely across the landscape. Innovative approaches to resource management ensure that this critical area bordering on the Namib-Naukluft National Park is effectively conserved. The Reserve maintains a conservation policy of minimal interference with constant monitoring, implemented through an environmental management plan. A new monitoring system has been introduced which includes population census methods.

The Reserve is a member and contributor to the Southern African Avi-Faunal Atlas and the Large Carnivore Atlas of Namibia. Local outreach efforts focus mainly on predator-livestock management on neighboring properties.