Wolwedans and its Sustainability Strategy for the Long Run

Wolwedans is a– Global Ecosphere Retreat® certified Long Run Destination. Long Run Destinations embrace the philosophy of acting today for a better tomorrow. As such Wolwedans operates within the prescribed 4Cs: conservation, community, culture and commerce. At the time of the adoption, nearly a decade ago, Jochen Zeitz, then, Chairman of Puma and Founder of the Long Run Initiative, was a special guest at the that officially opening of the solar hybrid installation that initiated the efforts that have come to represent award winning standards today. Wolwedans practices responsible tourism, which is designed to provide the financial means to support and uphold the vision of conserving this ecologically unique corner of Namibia and the NamibRand Nature Reserve within it. Wolwedans seeks to inspire a new way, through the very means in which it chooses to exist.