Dear Parents

We at Wolwedans, have no objection to hosting school-age children below the age of twelve years.

In fact, we have a very child-friendly approach and our collection has been constructed so as to provide a safe and secure environment for adults and children, providing the basic guidelines detailed below are adhered to.

We have however on numerous occasions faced a conflict of interest between families with children (parents with small children naturally have a different affinity to their children than other guests), and those guests who have come to find peace and solitude. At the Lodge, Camp and on scenic nature drives, guests unaccompanied by children are inclined to feel deprived of the above due to any possible disturbances children may create.

Therefore we kindly ask the following:

  • The general policy will be that preferably only school-age children will be accepted.
  • Parents with young children (pre-school age) are very welcome to stay at the lodge Suite (with private activities), Private Camp and, if taken exclusively, Boulders Camp.
  • Management and staff are strictly not responsible for the supervision of children.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that:
    Their children do not disturb other guests.
    No children run around on the wooden decks (also important for their own safety), making a noise.
  • Their children are well behaved and not boisterous in the lounge or dining areas.
  • Their children obey all safety regulations on company vehicles (guides must watch the road and are unable to supervise children travelling with them.)
  • Company vehicles are not reserved exclusively for a family with children on drives, therefore accompanying guests are to be considered.
  • Children under the age of 12 years (who stay at 50% of normal rate) will be required to share a tent/chalet with one of the parents or, in the case of a solitary child, he or she will share with the parents and we will supply an extra bed.
  • Wolwedans will under no circumstances provide babysitter services whilst parents, for example, go ballooning or have dinner, and/or be in any way responsible or liable for the supervision and safety of the children.
  • Managers and Guides must act accordingly in order to maintain the standards of efficiency and excellence, and children (and respectively their parents) should kindly respect such authority.
  • In any case wherein the child’s behaviour is considered to be a nuisance to other guests or a danger to themselves, the respective Camp/Lodge Manager has the authority to request the child leaves the public areas and dine in a separate lounge under parental supervision.

Please remember, we are very ‘kids-friendly’ at Wolwedans. In fact, we always enjoy hosting families with children – provided we can count on your co-operation and respect for our establishment and our other valued guests.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wolwedans and trust that these basic guidelines will be appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.

The Wolwedans Team