How it works

Simply put, members save 50% on current published rates. A minimum deposit of NAD 100 000 buys bed nights to the value of NAD 200 000. This is a once off payment and no further charges will be made. All visitors to the NamibRand Nature Reserve are subject to park fees and sustainability levies and these are not included in the Chateau membership payment. Drinks and additional services remain for the members’ own account.

 This 5 year-long credit remains yours to utilize as you wish. Your account will be debited with every stay until you have exhausted your credit, after which, membership can easily be extended with a N$100K top up.

Members can be private individuals who visit Wolwedans on a regular basis and can see themselves or members of their family and friends, spending a number of days annually at this location in the future. Club Chateau also welcomes corporate members from around the world, who can use their membership to incentivize, entertain and reward, employees, clients and high achievers.

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