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Club Chateau offers regular visitors and friends of Wolwedans the opportunity to stay at half price at any time of the year. Apart from this 50% discount, members make a tangible contribution towards our ‘business in balance’ ethos which promotes the equal attention to people, planet and profit. Our eco-tourism establishment is more than just a holiday destination. We consider our desert based economy an example of how business can be used as a force for good and protect the environment, whilst providing jobs and creating eco-friendly experiences for nature-lovers the world over. Guests who join Club Chateau contribute to our mission to inspire the world, through the Wolwedans Way of doing business.

 As membership benefits are transferable, members can incentivize employees, gift family and friends or surprise loved ones with an unforgettable experience, that’s simply out of this world. Club Chateau membership aims to:

• Make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers 

• Offer regular visitors, significantly discounted rates for their loyalty

• Collect ‘Ambassadors’ for the protection and continued rehabilitation of the Pro-Namib ecosystem of the Greater Sossusvlei Namib Landscape

 The long-term assurance of discounted rates allows members the freedom to enjoy their benefit all year round. Membership fees support both the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Wolwedans Foundation who both remain dedicated and effective in conserving the land, protecting its wildlife and supporting its communities.

On behalf of the Wolwedans family you are invited to consider this proposition. We hope that you will see the merit in joining a circle of special people who cherish nature as much as they enjoy well appointed and charming camps, good food, fine wines and the great Namibian outdoors. Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win/win situation for both the Club member as well as Wolwedans in pursuing its interests.

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