Why Wolwedans?

We invite you to see Wolwedans for what it really is: a place to arrive, to be, to learn and unwind, whilst being looked after by a friendly and involved local team. We are not a hotel, but strive to set an example in eco-friendly, sustainable tourism. All camps at Wolwedans are designed to minimize environmental impact, exploring innovative building techniques and utilizing sustainable technologies. 

Biodiversity is life. We are privileged to operate in pristine natural environments, striving to safeguard the integrity of the Pro-Namib ecosystem as part of our global ecosphere and ensure that its health and productivity is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.

People matter. We have the development of Namibia and the wellbeing of its people at heart. At Wolwedans we prioritize human resource development, social upliftment, sharing economic opportunities and the encouragement of others to build a better future. The Wolwedans Foundation promotes this goal through offering vocational training via the Desert Academy and nice (The Namibian Institute of Culinary Education). 

We are committed to quality leadership and the careful balance of commercial progress, community support, conservation of natural habitats and cultural awakening. Our foremost objective is the principle of treading lightly and in harmony with nature, while offering our guest an unparalleled safari product.