REIZ Magazin: Als Ik Rijk Was - 2015

Hedy van den Bergh: ‘Dan zwierf ik nu rond Wolwedans.

Wat dat is? De ultieme onthaastplek, in de woeste natuur

van Nambië. 

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Travel News Namibia: Wolwedans Scores 5 Flowers for 2015 Eco-Awards

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge and Base Camp received the highest possible rating when Eco Awards Namibia recently assessed their eco-friendly management principles.

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Press Coverage Magazines 2014

PKZ 'The Look' Summer Collection 2014

The PKZ fashion house (Switzerland) visited Wolwedans earlier in the year to shoot their entire new Summer Collection for The Look Magazine. Identified as one of the most scenic locations in the world, with vast open spaces, piercing blue skies and mesmerizing multi-coloured dunes, Wolwedans offers photographers the perfect backdrop for an array of photographic exploits. watch making of video here 

Süd-Afrika Magazin

Wolwedans was recently featured in the internationally acclaimed Süd-Afrika Magazin, a leading authority regarding travel news within the region of Southern Africa 

Merian Februar 2014

Die Lodge der grossen Träume

Mitten in der Wüste taucht der Himmel auf Erden auf: Wolwedans.

Wer in dem Luxus-Resort wohnt, entdeckt einen Platz der Stille – und begegnet einem Mann, für den die Natur der Hauptgeschäftspartner ist 

Playboy Germany April 2014

Ein Schatz in der Wüste

Making-of Titelstrecke Sonja Kirchberger in Wolwedans... Im Wolwedans Dune Camp

kommen Springbock und Antilope schon zum Frühstück zu Besuch. Vermutlich um Sonja Kirchberger zu sehen: Eine seltene Erscheinung in der faszinierenden Naturkulisse der Namib.

Departures Magazine October 2013

Wild things in Africa are under threat as never before. With exploding human populations, poorly managed development and criminal intrusion from afar, many fear that the continent’s most iconic animals may soon vanish from their natural habitat. The disappearance of lions, elephants and others would mean the crumbling of vital ecosystems—and the loss of billions of dollars in tourism revenue. But in a place notorious for bad news, it is perhaps this crisis that offers the greatest promise of hope. The 25 conservationists listed here represent the passions of thousands of people across the continent... (read article)   

Africa Geographic - Desert Revival 2013

NamibRand Nature reserve is one of the largest private conservation areas in Africa... Tim Jackson explores the origins of this conservation haven. Read more 

MADAME LIVING Oktober 2013

Entdecken! Die schönsten Natur-Pur-Hideaways Weltweit...

German Vogue Oktober 2013

Shooting Stars - Momente sammeln für die Schatzkammer der Seele. Mit dem Naturfotografen und Reisedesigner Michael Poliza in Namibia...

International Traveller 100 Best Hotels and Resorts

In the remote desert landscape of the sprawling NamibRand Nature Reserve is this eco-savvy lodge... 

Press Coverage Magazines 2012

SUR LE DÉPART - France - hiver 2012 - printemps 2013

Visa pour la Namibie

Le grand jour est arrivé! Et oui, encore un... Après les joies du mariage, il est l’heure de prendre la main de votre partenaire, une valise dans l’autre, et de vous envoler vers le paradis!  

Ultra Travel - Middle East edition - Autumn 2012


Forget cold showers. Going on safari is no longer a test?of endurance, thanks to well-designed lodges and tented camps that promise to indulge your love of the good life as well as the wildlife. Susan Hack picks her favorites (read more...)

Prime Living Texas May/June 2012

GET LOST Fall off the grid and retreat from civilization at some of the world's most remote luxury destinations (read more...)

Wedding Inspirations 2012


If it's privacy you're after then look no further than Wolwedans Collection of Camps in Namibia. From the sweeping vista of desert dunes to the hulking presence of ancient granite boulders, this privately owned conservation area will take your breath away. (read more...)

Cosmopolitan Germany 2012


Luxus ist Pflicht, selbst bei Abenteuerreisen. In der Wolwedans Dunes Lodge in Namibia trifft Wüste auf Sterneservice... 

Press Coverage Magazines 2011

National Geographic Traveller - March 2011

Your own (private) Africa - By Chris Eckstrom

A journey to Namibia’s prohibited zone-closed for decades to all but diamond miners – reveals pristine landscapes virtually untouched since 1908. “Just point your vehicle straight down and go,“ Volker Jahnke says to me, his voice gravelly over the two-way radio. “But don’t stop and don’t turn the wheel,” he cautions, “or you roll like a melon.” I’m perched atop a sky-skraper high sand dune in a 4x4 truck, aiming down. (read more ...

National Geographic Traveller South African Edition 2011

50 best eco-lodges

The most earth-friendly retreats in the world's most spectacular wilds

A decade ago, you could count the number of true eco-lodges in the world on two hands. But today we are witnessing one the most significant transformations in the history of modern travel. Call it the new green standard. And ecolodges are at the forefront of the movement. (read more...)

CNN Traveller March - April 2011


Namibia has one of the most unforgiving climates on the planet, but both man and beast have adapted remarkably well. Gabriel O'Rorke reports

Dumont Bildatlas

ÖKOTOURISMUS Vater Staat für Mutter Natur

Namibia ist eines der ersten Länder der Erde, das den Naturschutz in seiner Verfassung als Staatsziel festgeschrieben hat. Als Vorzeigeprojekt gilt Wolwedans im privaten NamibRand Reservat, doch auch im übrigen Land setzten Unternehmen vermehrt auf nachhaltige Entwicklung - selbst die staatliche Parkgesellschaft.(read more...)


Traveller's World Nam 4 2011

Das Land des Sichvergessens

Namibia ist eine Bühne für einzigartige Naturschauspiele. An jedem Tag wird eine Premiere gefeiert, Wiederholungen gibt es nicht. Und mit der Dämmerung setzt die grosse Nachtmusik ein. TW Autor Erol Anil sah und hörte zu - mit gebührender Andacht.

Longevity South Africa

Beautiful land, Beautiful beautiful moon

Candice Tehini took a soul safari to Namibia

I opened my eyes to the sun gently kissing the sky, casting a red glow over the grassy landscape of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, one of southern Africa's largest nature reserves. This is Wolwedans, a luxury resort in the heart of the reserve. (read more...)

Travel Namibia - 2011

Family AffairBy Jeff Blumberg

Travel Namibia Reader embarks on the adbventure of a lifetime with his wife and 20-month-old son as they travel by air and land across several regions of this incredible (and child-friendly) country. When Jeff Blumberg made the decision to leave his job after ten years service with the same company, he found himself in the enviable position of having three months 'gardening leave' and a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a long trip somewhere in Africa. 

MCA Quarterly Bulletin 2011

 "MCA gave us a great opportunity" say Chandre and Agatha

The first 15 graduates of a MCA-N sponsored hospitality training at the Wolwedans Foundation are finding their dream jobs. (read more...)

Travel Namibia June 2011

Our Tourism

Namibia has a reputation for delivering friendly hospitality and good quality service. But it’s not without its challenges, as Claire Connolly finds in conversation with Stephan Brückner, Managing Director of Wolwedans in the NamibRand Nature Reserve. (read more...) 


Sublime 2011



Travel News April-May 2011

In it for the Long Run

Wolwedans first to pave the green way

Paving the way to a greener and more environmentally friendly Namibia, Wolwedans is the first and currently only Namibian establishment to be chosen as one of ten Long Run Destinations around the world. (read more...)

Carrera Motors Magazine 03/2011

Wolwedans, Namibie

Een onvergetelijke confrontatie met de schoonheid van de woestijn

In de jaren tachtig van de vorige eeuw kreeg een zakenman uit Windhoek een stuk land in de woestijn aangeboden... Om een lang verhaal kort te maken: hij kocht de boerderij in kwestie (samen met acht andere, waaronder Wolwedans), brak alle omheiningen af en besliste om het land terug aan de wildernis te geven. Die man had een droom en zijn naam was Albi Brückner. (read more...)


Opulent Living 2011

A landscape as old as time

Nestled below giant granite outcrops in the remote south of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, Wolwedans Boulders Camp offers exclusive tented accommodation amid majestic desert vistas – and the tranquility that only an ancient landscape, barely touched by human endeavour, can provide. by Richard Holmes (read more...)


4 Persons + Pilot

...steht auf unserer Anmeldung, als wir reichlich erhitzt im Onguma Privatreservat ankommen. Soeben erst bin ich gelandet, mit einer Cessna 210, irgendwo in Afrika. Genauer gesagt: am Wendekreis des Steinbocks, im nördlichen Zipfel Namibias... von Gerti Keller (read more...)

Press Coverage Magazines 2010

Food and Travel 132 December 2010

Southern exposure

At first glance, its landscape could belong to any number of African countries, but Namibia has unique influences, culture and cuisine, as Michael Raffael discovers 

Mercedes Benz 01 2010

Auf Safari

 2700 Kilometer quer durch Namibia, von den Elefantenherden der Etoscha-Pfanne zu den höchsten Dünen der Welt in der Namib- Wüste: Herman van Wyk und Henie Champion reisen mit einem 220 S von 1959 durch Landscahften wie von einem anderen Stern. (read more...)

Wedding Album - Desert Rose 2010

We proclaim

Namibia beautiful. It is an unusual beauty, otherworldly almost and, because so much of this perception lies in what affects internally, must be experienced to be known. There is peace, a shedding of the details that fill days elsewhere and a subsequent ability to be present. Words: Emma Wright (read more...)

Press Coverage Magazines 2008/9

Abenteuer und Reisen 2008

Afrika beflügelt!

Etosha -Nationalpark. Wüste Namib. Riesendünen. Safariglück. Edle Lodges. Garandiose Atlantikküste. All dies und mehr macht Namibia zum Traumziel Zigtausender. Reporter Robert Haidinger war bei einer Fly-In Safari dabei, danach zu Fuss unterwegs. Er kam begeistert zurück. 

ELLE Germany 2008


Die umweltbewusste Wolwedans Collection in Namibia hat ihr Angebot um eine weitere Luxuslodge vergrössert: Sie heisst "Boulders Camp" und liegt mitten im NamibRand-Naturreservat. In fantastischer Einsamkeit. Damit man die auch wirklich geniessen kann, bietet das aus nur vier elegant eingerichteten Zelten bestehende Camp nicht mehr als acht Gästen Platz. Einer davon war vor kurzem Charlize Theron. Doch der wahre Star bleibt hier stets die Wüste.  

Marie Claire UK 2008


From diving in Madagascar to relaxing in Ibiza, Richard Hammond, eco-travel correspondent for The Guardian, recommends some fabulous holidays that won't cost the earth

Press Coverage Magazines 2006/7

Madame März 2007 No.3


"Von Zeit zu Zeit braucht jeder Mensch ein wenig Wüste", sagte einmal der Entdeckungsreisende Sven Hedin. Namibia gibt einem das. Und noch viel mehr

von Stefan Nink (read more...)

Tatler 2006

Tatler's 101 best hotels

Wolwedans Dune Lodge - NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

Nowhere is Namibia's spectacular strangeness more pronounced than at Wolwedans. Built along a dune at the edge of the Namib Desert, it's a necklace of tent-chalets, all on stilts, looking out over burnt-yellow wilderness. Decor is colonial chic: big wooden beds, battered leather books, brass lamps barely brighter than a candle. It is utterly wild, serene and sensuous. Drag your mattress out on the deck to lie under the stars and keep your eyes peeled for leopards. 

National Geographic - the adventure travel issue

Desert Bloom

A solitary oryx enjoys rare grass sprouting in the Namib Desert - a 1,200 mile expanse of ancient dunes, red rock mountains, and surreal vistas along Namibia's Atlantic coast. Though namib means "an area where there is nothing," zebras, spotted hyenas, leopards, and lions are found here, particularly in late fall and winter, when heavy rains coax life from the parched soil. During an eight-week helicopter trip across Africa, depicted in Michael Poliza's new book, Eyes over Africa (teNeues, $125) the photographer captured this image near one of the safari camps of the Wolwedans Collection

Ryan Bradley