Visitor Book

This is where Wolwedans visitors have their say.

"To Everyone. Never have we seen more beautiful land, more beautiful sun and more beautiful moon (amazing full moon last night). So nice to see and experience a place where people love and grace nature. Keep up the good work and dedication to this beautiful place. Thanks for everything!" - Charlize Theron

"This has been our most overwhelming experience ever! The silence, the nature, the people, the food, the warm nights and thousands of stars: so overwhelming that words cannot describe! Unforgettable! P.S. we don't want to leave!" - Helen Dina

"Thank you for sharing this piece of heaven with us. Although we need to physically leave, the heart and soul of Wolwedans will stay within us for eternity. We are sure to come back to visit this spot but not as often as this spot will surely visit us in our souls." - Kim Oppenheimer

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Everyone and everything has been amazing. We hope to be back soon.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt with Maddox and Zahara

"Wolwedans represents a unique experience, and the Private Camp, in particular, something to be treasured. Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes go to those people who had the vision and the courage to create an oasis of peace and tranquillity in a world of increasingly eroding values." - Walter Price, Botswana

"There are no words to describe how beautiful this place is, we feel privileged to have stayed here, many thanks for letting us stay in your corner of heaven." - Peter & Gloria Malton, England

"What an experience! I've buried my cellular phone in the sand near the Private Camp: I'll need it no more! I hope an Oryx will find it. In the future I will call the Oryx to let him tell me tales from Wolwedans. If you miss Wolwedans, I can leave you the number of the Oryx: 3472367846"
Jucz & Alessia, Rome

"Where do you go from here? Thank you, Mr. Albi, for having the vision and courage to make Wolwedans possible - it is true magic. Caesar, thank you for being yourself - and showing us the mysteries of your dancing. Quintin, you spoilt us every night with new delight. May life give us the opportunity to return to Wolwedans. With much love."
Carole & Nicolas Clements

"If silence is all the sounds of nature at once, and liberty is the unhindered exploration of the vast spaces between the extremes of experience, then have we found both peace and then briefly freedom."
Bobby McLenon, Arusha, Tanzania

"We were privileged to experience a little touch of heaven. An experience never to be forgotten." - Michael & Talitha Duncan, Johannesburg

"Dinah and I now know what true hospitality is. To have found it in such a spectacular setting has doubled the pleasure for us. Thank you!"
- Dinah & Wayne Rogers, Canada

"Here I have learned to hear the silence! I would like to hear it again as soon as possible! I leave here a piece of my heart."
Claudia & Andrea, Milan, Italy

"A wonderful, peaceful desert experience that will be forever Africa. The people at Wolwedans have such a friendly welcoming manner we immediately felt at home - not that our home begins to compare with the luxury of the Private Camp! We have loved the drives, the walks, the sundowners to sunsets. A love affair started with Namibia. We have a magnificent adventure in this fabulous lodge and want to thank Stephan for his great kindness and care toward us. We will recommend this place to our friends. We hope that Stephan's ambitions for the conservation of the natural habitat and for the animals of this area will be fully fulfilled. With great appreciation."
Juan and Raphena Wedel, San Jose - Costa Rica

"This may well be the most beautiful place on earth. Thank you for the privilege of being able to experience it."
Susan Stoddard and Stephen Carmichael, Rochester, USA

"Thank you so very much to all the beautiful staff that has looked after me so fabulously! I have felt so special here during my stay. Your service is so friendly, discrete and incredibly thoughtful. You all knew what I may have wanted or needed before I even thought of it myself! The food is absolutely exquisite! I loved every single dish that was served, the accommodation so comfortable, warm and cosy. I love the hot water bottle in my bed every night and the hot water thermos every morning. Every detail, down to the high quality chocolates in the tea box, has been thought out to perfection! And the setting … absolutely awe inspiring! I feel so fortunate and honoured to have been able to be one of your guests here. Thank you so very much to each and every one of you for your attentiveness, friendliness and big smiles! I do truly hope to see all again when I return one day." - Susy James, Australia

"Dear Wolwedans Dune Camp Team! Unfortunately we have to say good-bye today. You can't put the beauty of this amazing breathtaking place in words, as you can't describe the wonderful atmosphere here. But it is not only the nature and landscape, which make this place so heavenly unique, it is you, the team, who makes this place so special, so perfect. Your kindness, warmness, the great humour and those wonderful, hearts touching conversations made us feel at home of friends. We can't say often enough how great and lovely it was to stay here, so let's just say it'll always be remembered, never forgotten. All the best to you all..."
Laura, Heidi, Ruben, Armin Jansen,Wuppertal, Germany

"Three days … three nights of joy and magic! This is an incredible place - in many ways … the light, landscape, warm wind, and colours of this space will stay etched in my spirit and memory for a long, long time. The wonderful hospitality and companionship provided by your staff was much appreciated. It was a gift therapy for my soul. I hope to return. Thanks for the experience." - Jeff Davis, San Francisco, USA

"After five nights camping at Sesriem, I thought I'd seen the best Namibia has to offer. I was wrong! NamibRand is the most amazing place I have seen, and being able to step from my tent and look at over beautiful scenery is an experience I'll never forget. The Dune Camp is fantastic, the food wonderful and the service second to none. I can't wait to come back with my family. Thank you for giving us such a memorable and extraordinary trip." - Lee Frost, UK