Weather & Climate


"As much as the Namib desert can kindle your soul, it can also be harsh and unforgiving. So be prepared…" (Ancient explorer). 

When it comes to the weather, this statement certainly holds true. Whilst average summer temperatures range between 34 and 38 degrees (Celsius) with almost zero humidity, there are those days when the mercury climbs up to 42 degrees. Although winter days are generally very pleasant, nights can be rather frosty and  temperatures can fall well below zero. 

Wolwedans is not a desert hotel where you can escape the elements behind sliding glass doors in air-conditioned or floor-heated rooms. It's infrastructures are temporary to allow for a low carbon footprint and environmental impact. And whilst heat has never been a real challenge, some winter days prove challenging for every living creature. So,  always be prepared and note, that in all these years, nobody was ever lost to the elements. 

The most pleasant times of the year (in terms of neutral temperatures) are March to June and mid August to December. 

Wolwedans maintains a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro-2 scientific weather station that digitally records the following weather indicators: temperature, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, barometric pressure, heat index, wind chill, dewpoint and temperature-humidity-wind index.

Please click on a button below to view weather conditions recorded at Wolwedans.

Current Weather

Note: The station collects data that is sent via a wireless link to its consol, connected to the Wolwedans system. Current weather conditions are updated every three hours, when systems are up.