Wolwedans Weather

The seasons in Namibia are reversed compared to those in Europe. During the European winter months we have summer in Namibia and vice versa. The winter in Namibia is the cooler dry season, which is characterized by high temperature changes and rare rainfall. It can and does get very cold at night (June to August down to -5°C). During the day temperatures may rise up to 25°C (but it can also be cool). These temperature differences can be challenging for the body. Cold fronts from Antarctica can bring uncomfortable weather, although mostly only for a short time. The Namibian summer (approx. October to end of March) is the rainy season. It seldom rains during the other months but winter rain can occur – to be well prepared, rain gear might be advisable. The summer months can be very hot with temperatures over 30°C, making it essential to pack the suitable clothes. In the winter months, we strongly advise to pack warm clothes - beanies, a scarf and gloves might be very welcome at times!! Rest assured though that you will not encounter a grey sky that will linger for weeks. Please note that the natural variability of the weather can bring about unusual weather conditions.