Maintenance Manager

Wolwedans needs a capable and experienced Maintenance Manager (with a sound technical background), who can manage and coordinate a team of artisans to ensure that the highest quality levels are met (and maintained) with a consistent and punctual turnaround time on assignments.

Alongside ongoing maintenance work, Wolwedans plans to expand its existing infrastructure, and launch new projects in 2020/21 (comprising of standard brick and mortar buildings and wooden camp structures). To achieve this, we need to develop professional and efficient artisan teams with the leadership of an influential and motivated manager.

Whilst day-to-day maintenance needs are scheduled and managed, building of new infrastructure is also prioritized to meet the organisations timelines and targets. The Maintenance manager also provides supervision of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and metal work operations.

The permanent maintenance team comprises of 15 full-time artisans, technicians and all-rounders (with various expertise).  Our “development brigade” (carpenters, bricklayers, painters etc.) can increase to 20+ men, as and when required for new projects. Your team of +- 20-30 people, will rely on your leadership, communication skills and organisation.

Wolwedans is strongly invested in vocational training, mainly in the field of hospitality. We seek to expand our qualification offering with artisan training in the future (i.e. facility maintenance). Hence, practical training and facilitation (transferring knowledge and experience) will form an integral part of this position, as you offer your expertise and knowledge to existing training staff.

Visit The Wolwedans Desert Academy's website and explore our contribution to Namibia's development, through vocational training:


This position is based in Wolwedans (full-time)

Key Performance Areas

The management team at Wolwedans is represented by the industry’s most qualified professionals, who maintain high levels of professionalism, competence and organisation, in our unique desert-based economy.

  • Manage ongoing maintenance (preventative & repairs) of all existing infrastructure (brick and mortar as well as canvas/wood)
  • Manage ongoing maintenance (preventative and repairs) of all technical equipment (i.e. water infrastructure, vehicles, solar systems, web-coolers, generators, power tools etc.)
  • Manage and control inventory - both equipment and building material 
  • Manage/coordinate team of 20-30 artisans, including basic HR, time recording, disciplinary processes, PAD’s etc.
  • Procurement of technical equipment and building materials
  • Plan ahead and prepare orders for materials needed to ensure that workflow is not interrupted (not waiting for a week for material to arrive) 


    Experience / Knowledge and Skills

    Essential Knowledge and Skills

    • Fluency in English is an absolute must (speak, read, write)
    • Computer literacy is a must
    • Administrative skills are required for running the depatment
    • Numerical skills (make calculations for setting out a site/building/structure) and quantity surveying capacity are essential
    • Commercial focus and capacity to understand what drives company success
    • Leadership and strong management skills


    • Minimum ten years of practical experience in a technical environment
    • Experience in the field of joinery and cabinet making (precision woodwork) is an advantage seeing that most of our camp/lodge infrastructure is built with wood and canvas
    • You should have worked as a team leader or supervisor, with the respective responsibilities, for at least 3 years
    • Reading and understanding building plans is a must
    • A sound understanding of electrical systems is a must
    • Mechanical experience/understanding is an advantage


    • Ideally you hold a degree in engineering (mechanical, electrical or civil) as this would be the perfect foundation. If you are not a degree holder:
    • An accredited vocational qualification (beyond NTA Level 5) is essential (as is required for planned future artisan training programmes to be provided at the Wolwedans Desert Academy)

    Personal Characteristics

    Are You a Match for Wolwedans?

    Personal characteristics

    • Wolwedans prefers  35 years+ applicants not older than 60 years of age
    • Be organized and work from a structured plan to achieve goals within deadlines
    • Problem-solving aptitude (ability to think out of the box)
    • Able to handle pressure, and remain effective
    • Energetic, proactive person
    • Good interpersonal skills displayed in individual and team work
    • Empathy. The ability to see and listen to ‘both sides’
    • Attention to detail and initiative (self-starter) 
    • Display diligence, self-motivation, punctuality and organisation
    • Willingness/ability to share information, teach and inspire others
    • Outgoing personality
    • Easily motivated, influential and a pro-active self-starter
    • Sound personal value system, promoting a ‘walk the talk’ mentatility in your team and actions (The Wolwedans Way)
    • Pleasant, charming and outgoing personality with good communication skills
    • Professional work ethic 
    • Integrity and commitment to team work
    • A passion to pass on knowledge and teach junior team members to develop their skill set
    • Willingness to pursue further learning and self-advancement 
    • A neat appearance, sober habits and immaculate track record with a healthy disposition and attitude 
    • A nature of nurture, leading by example and setting high personal standards for the team
    • Passion for nature, wildlife and sustainability is what drives Wolwedans (purpose) Do you you share these ideals?
    • Independent and preferably single
    • Wolwedans makes preference for Namibian citizens, or qualified holders of a permanent residence permit or domicile

    If this position is yours and resonates with your collected experience, personal ideals and future planning, please respond to our vacancy as soon as possible. We offer a competitive package, a diverse job and a challenging, dynamic and meaningful work environment. Wolwedans needs your passion for tourism, hospitality and true love of sustainability and eco-tourism.

    This position requires setting up temporary residence at Wolwedans (in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve), thus applicants need to enjoy living out in nature. Also, you need to be prepared to work on-site for six continuous weeks at a time.  You are at home, if you posses an inherent respect for nature, and a keen interest in the outdoors.

    We can’t wait to meet you. You can email a CV, together with a covering letter and a recent head and shoulders photograph to: You are also welcome to drop your CV at our head office, located at 2 Mozart Street, Windhoek West. Our head office team will gladly receive your application.

    This position is available as of 2020. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and may be requested to attend an interview.