Plumbing at Wolwedans is not a full-time job. On the maintenance side things obviously need to be kept in good shape. This accounts for a fairly complex bulk-water supply infrastructure (pumps, storage tanks, pipelines, waste water etc.). Then there is the standard day-to-day plumbing. Here and there a pipe will burst (esp during winter), a tap needs replacing and a toilet needs to be fixed. Bulk water installations need to be kept in good working order (day-to-day), and lastly we are constantly building, improving, renovating, so there is a lot of new plumbing installations to be done as well. So all of this calls for an experienced, “no nonsense and know what I do”plumber.

As of 2017 the plan is to start with artisan training at Wolwedans, and practical knowledge needs to be passed on to young trainees. So, working with people (and enjoying it), passing on knowledge, taking pride in your work and living by example (esp. when it comes to a professional work ethic) also forms part of this portfolio. The training – as working for Wolwedans in general – will add a lot of purpose to what is normally just a job. You are part of a wonderful mission and purpose, and that’s why you’ve got to be more than just a “plumber”. 

In addition –taking into account that plumbing is not a full-time occupation at Wolwedans - the plumber should posses at least one other artisan skill such as basic electrical, brick-laying/plastering, metal work/welding and/or carpentry. You need to be a multi-skilled individual and hence the position is called Plumber+.

Last but not least, the Wolwedans plumber is scheduled to get involved in practical facilitation with our technical vocational training scheduled to start in 2017. Therefor, you should be able to, enjoy, and be comfortable to pass on plumbing knowledge/skills to junior technical trainees. 

Requirements to perform the duties of Plumber+:

  • 25+ years of age with a mature disposition, and sober habits
  • A certified qualification (VTC, NIMT or other minimum Level 3) in plumbing (to be able to facilitate practical training)
  • Experience in another field (see above) is an advantage
  • 5 years hands-on experience in plumbing with at least two contactable references from previous employers
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Possess excellent people & motivational skills
  • Open-minded person, with a pleasant, outgoing personality, that exudes positivity
  • Passionate about nature and its creatures
  • Good health, with an energetic disposition
  • Computer literacy would be an added advantage
  • Validdrivers license is essential
  • Namibian citizen or holder of a domicile or permanent residence permit 

This position requires setting up temporary residence at Wolwedans, and thus applicants need to be nature lovers, and be prepared to work on-site for six continuous weeks at a time. 

Like all Wolwedans team members, you have to commit to “The Wolwedans Way”, our mission, vision and values, as well as “The Wolwedans Compass” of fairness, honesty, positivity and creativity.