For one or two people this scheduled air taxi (based on fixed seat rates) from Windhoek and Swakopmund to the Sossusvlei area and Wolwedans, is the answer. The service is offered by NatureWings and seats can be booked directly, or through a tour operator.

Wings to Wolwedans

Chartering a private plane provides you with a greater deal of flexibility. You travel when it pleases you, no need to adhere to rigid schedules. Chartering a Cessna 210 makes sense for three or four people and a larger plane for bigger groups. Charters normally take you to other destinations as well. You can also book a combination of charter and DuneHopper.

Whether you opt for the DuneHopper or book a private charter, you will enjoy a unique bird’s eye view of Namibia. If you are pressed for time, flying is the answer. 

Self-fly Coordinates

East: 15 degrees 59'28”, South: 25 degrees 06'30.8”, approach at 148º/328. Altitude is 2700 feet ASL and the runway is 1250 meter long, either hard gravel or sand (especially on southern end of runway. Strip heading is +/- 12/30. A second strip with a heading of 34/18 is also available. Generally it is advised to come in from the south and take off to the north. Aircraft parking is indicated so is a run-up pad at parking bay.