Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (nice)

Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (nice) is a training school for chefs, which runs a commercial restaurant in the heart of Windhoek and has established itself as a popular destination of culinary excellence. 

We commit to human resource development by giving education and training the highest priority and support people to develop their individual potential and strengthen their life skills. One of the Wolwedans Foundation’s aims it to provide training at no cost or have the trainee pay a very small contribution to the Foundation and that the Foundation and external grants or grantor cover the training costs. We all understand that the cost of training is very expensive and we do not want to shift the burden to a trainee. The Wolwedans Foundation in the past had a commitment of contributing 1/3 of all training costs per trainee who is enrolled in the program. Unfortunately we cannot match this contribution anymore but commit N$ 11 250.00 per trainee per level enrolled in our programs.

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