Join the Club


Potential members should complete and sign the 'Club Application Form' and submit (mail, fax or deliver) the application to our Windhoek office. This will serve as a commitment to join the Club.

  1. NamibRand Safaris will then acknowledge receipt, in all likelihood accept the application and inform you in writing.
  2. The confirmed member will then send / deliver a cheque or deposit his/her contribution into the designated Club Chateau account Namibia in the name of NamibRand Safaris.
  3. Upon receiving payment, NamibRand Safaris will open an account for the new member in its books and send out an opening balance (identical to input). This first statement will serve as a receipt of payment.
  4. After the contribution has been deposited into the Club account, the member will be welcome to visit Wolwedans at no additional charge (as pre-payment has been done), except for the daily park fee, personal items and additional services.
  5. An updated statement will be sent to the members after every visit
  6. If the credit has been fully utilized, a member can renew membership by transferring another NAD 50.000 into the Club account (bearing in mind that a membership can only be renewed 12 months after the previous membership was issued).

Club Chateau provides a wonderful avenue for nature lovers to tie a bond with one of the most stunning locations on the African continent. Furthermore you are afforded a closer relationship (and status) with one of Africa’s jewels when it comes to classic safari camps and lodges. Last but by no means least, you contribute towards the conservation of NamibRand Nature Reserve and the social advancement of the local community.


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There's always something to celebrate at Wolwedans.