How it works

You can acquire a Club Chateau membership by making a once-off up-front payment, of NAD 50.000. This NAD 50.000 will then buy you bed-nights at any of the Wolwedans Collection Camps to the value of NAD 100.000. Hence, you save 50% on published rates. Your credit with Wolwedans can be utilized as and when you want over a five-year period. Your account will be debited with every stay until you have exhausted your credit, upon which time you are welcome to renew. The club is restricted to 99 members.

  • Members can be private individuals who visit Wolwedans on a regular basis and can see themselves, members of their family and friends, spending a number of days every year at this location for years to come. Experiencing the solitude, tranquility and space at any one of the stylish and comfortable Wolwedans camps. 

  • Apart from private members, Club Chateau also welcomes regional corporate members (SADC), who can use their membership to ‘treat’ visiting guests, VIP clients and management, as well as good performers to a stay at Wolwedans (incentive)

Join the Team

There's always something to celebrate at Wolwedans.