• You save 50% on published rates.

• Benefits are transferable (not membership though). This means that family    members, friends and colleagues will also be able to benefit from your membership. You just have to place the booking and provide the visitors names.

• Existing members have the option to renew their membership. 

• Members seeking the ultimate in seclusion and tranquility will have exclusive use  of ‘Chateau Namib’, a quaint cottage perched atop an ‘inselberg’, in the northern part of the Chateau plains.

• Priority wait-listing when Wolwedans is fully booked.

• Wolwedans channels a certain percentage of its total turnover into the Wolwedans Foundation. Hence, a portion of your Club payment is channeled into the Foundation too. The Wolwedans Foundation is the social responsibility vehicle of the Wolwedans Collection and focuses on conservation, culture and community (mainly vocational training). Apart from conservation suport, your contribution will go a long way in contributing towards a worthy cause.

• Last but not least, members who become part of the Wolwedans family experience the Wolwedans way of life and share in the dream of conserving the NamibRand Nature Reserve.