• By buying a membership for NAD 50.000, you obtain credit for services at Wolwedans valued at NAD 100.000. Hence you save 50% on published rates with any stay in the future. It is important to understand that the membership fee resembles a payment up-front, and no further charges will be levied in the future, except for the NamibRand Nature Reserve park fee (which may fluctuate) as well as drinks. The park fee, which is collected by Wolwedans on behalf of NamibRand Nature Reserve, is billed separately and will be collected on departure (currently park fee is NAD 185,- per person per day). The same applies to drinks, personal items, curios and/or any other services, which do not form part of the basic accommodation charge (i.e. Ballooning, scenic flights, transfers etc.)
  • As happens from time to time during off-season (mid January to end February as well as June), Wolwedans might offer (and advertise) special rates for residents. In this event Namibian Club members will receive double the benefit. As we only run specials for Namibian residents, this will not apply to regional and international members.
  • Benefits will be transferable (not membership though). This means that family members, friends and colleagues will also be able to benefit from your membership. You just have to place the booking and provide the visitors names, and that's it, no questions asked.
  • Existing members have the first option to renew their membership. A membership is only active when a member has credit in his/her account.
  • Members seeking the ultimate in seclusion and tranquility will have exclusive use of 'Chateau Namib', a tiny cottage perched on top of an 'inselberg', in the northern end of Chateau plains (see The origin of the name)
  • Discounted rates (published rates less 5%) on all air-charter or DuneHopper air-taxi flights, provided they are booked with NatureWings (Pty) Ltd.
  • Priority wait-listing when Wolwedans is fully booked
  • Wolwedans channels 2% of its total turnover into the Wolwedans Foundation. Hence, 2% of your Club payment is channeled into the Wolwedans Foundation, a development fund, which has been set up in 2007 with the aim to contribute to the social advancement of the local community through education and training. You hence contribute to the worthy cause as set out in the Foundations objectives (primarily educational, environmental and social support).
  • Last but not least, members will become part of the Wolwedans family and share our way of life as well as the dream of conserving NamibRand Nature Reserve.

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