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Club Chateau is for people who cherish nature as much as they enjoy well-appointed and charming camps, wonderful local staff, good food, fine wine and the great Namibian desert outdoors.

The Club provides a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to experience one of the most stunning locations on the African continent at half the normal price.

Moreover, Club membership fees contribute towards the conservation of the NamibRand Nature Reserve as well as the social advancement of local communities. In essence, Club members support the sustainability of Wolwedans.

For further information on Club Chateau please study the content below and/or visit our webpage,, or contact the NamibRand Safaris office via e-mail at:

Tel: +264 - 61 - 230 616, Fax: +264 - 61 – 220102

The reason for entertaining the Club is twofold:

  • We want to make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers, (especially local and regional), by making visits more affordable
  • We want to offer regulars a ‘friendly’ rate and create a stronger bond between Wolwedans and some of its valued clients thus increasing the number of 'Ambassadors'.

On behalf of the Wolwedans family you are invited to consider this proposition. We hope that you will see the merit in joining a circle of special people who cherish nature as much as they enjoy well appointed and charming camps, good food, fine wines and the great Namibian outdoors. Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win/win situation for both the Club member as well as Wolwedans in pursuing its interests.

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