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Club Chateau is for people who cherish nature as much as they enjoy well appointed and charming camps, wonderful local staff, good food, fine wine and the great Namibian desert outdoors.

The Club provides a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to experience one of the most stunning locations on the African continent at  half the normal price.

Moreover, Club membership fees contribute towards the conservation of the NamibRand Nature Reserve as well as the social advancement of local communities.

For further information on ClubChateau please study the content below, or contact the NamibRand Safaris office via e-mail at:

Tel: +264 - 61 - 230 616, Fax: +264 - 61 – 220102 


 More About the Club

Club Chateau offers regular visitors and friends of Wolwedans the opportunity to stay at half price at any time of the year.

 Apart from this benefit, Club members make a positive contribution towards ensuring that Wolwedans and the NamibRand Nature Reserve achieve their conservation goals.  As membership benefits are transferable, the Club lends itself to being used by both individuals and companies. The reason for entertaining the Club is threefold:

·      Make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers

·      Offer regular visitors, who tend to stay for longer periods of time, a more accommodating rate

·      Create a stronger bond between Wolwedans and some of its valued clients, thus increasing the number of ‘Ambassadors’ for the cause (sustainable eco-tourism)

On behalf of the Wolwedans ‘family’ you are invited to consider this proposition. We trust that you will see the merit in joining a circle of people who seek out exquisite tourist destinations,  all the while being conscience of the impact that their travels have on the environment.


Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win-win situation for both the Club member as well as for Wolwedans.


How it works

You can acquire a Club Chateau membership by making a once-off payment, of NAD 50.000 (or more). This NAD 50.000 will then buy you bed-nights at any of the Wolwedans Collection camps to the value of NAD 100.000 (or more pending input). Hence, you save 50% on published rates. It is important to understand that the membership fee resembles a payment up-front, and no further charges will be levied in the future, except for the NamibRand Nature Reserve park fee (which may fluctuate) as well as drinks and extra services.

Your input represents credit with Wolwedans, which can be utilized as and when you wish over a five-year period. Your account will be debited with every stay until you have exhausted your credit, upon which time you are welcome to renew.



Members can be private individuals who visit Wolwedans on a regular basis and can see themselves or members of their family and friends, spending a number of days every year at this location for years to come.

Club Chateau also welcomes corporate members, who can use their membership to entertain visiting guests, good clients, management, and high-performing employees, with a stay at Wolwedans (incentive travel).



·      You save 50% on published rates.

·      Benefits are transferable (not membership though). This means that family members, friends and colleagues will also be able to benefit from your membership. You just have to place the booking and provide the visitors names.

·      Existing members have the option to renew their membership.

·      Members seeking the ultimate in seclusion and tranquility will have exclusive use of ‘Chateau Namib’, a quaint cottage perched atop an ‘inselberg’, in the northern part of the Chateau plains.

·      Priority wait-listing when Wolwedans is fully booked.

·      Wolwedans channels a certain percentage of its total turnover into the Wolwedans Foundation. Hence, a portion of your Club payment is channeled into the Foundation too. The Wolwedans Foundation is the social responsibility vehicle of the Wolwedans Collection and focuses on conservation, culture and community (mainly vocational training). Apart from conservation suport, your contribution will go a long way in contributing towards a worthy cause.

·      Last but not least, members who become part of the Wolwedans family experience the Wolwedans way of life and share in the dream of conserving the NamibRand Nature Reserve.



·      The park fee (conservation levy), which is collected by Wolwedans on behalf of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, is billed separately and needs to be paid extra at each stay. As at 2014 rates, the park fee is NAD 210,- p.P./day

·      All canned and botteld drinks, personal items, curios and/or any other goods or services (i.e. laundry) need to be settled separately.

·      All activities which are not included in the normal room rate, and which are generally offered by third parties and sub-contractors, cannot be discounted. This includes, but is not limited to: hot-air ballooning, scenic flights, horseback riding, massages, transfers, special events such as wedding arrangements or bush dinners.

·      As happens from time to time during the off-season (mid January to end February as well as the month of June), Wolwedans might offer (and locally advertise) special rates for Namibian and SADC residents. In this event SADC and Namibian Club members are not eligible for an additional 50% discount on such discounted rates (which would in essence result in almost staying for free). However, if SADC/Namibian residents opt to make use of any low season specials (which might be better than 50%), such stays can be booked off the credit.


How to Join

1.    Kindly submit a completed Club Application (see separate pdf document). Alternatively print out the Application Form from the web and mail/fax it to our office. This will serve as your commitment to join the Club.

2.    NamibRand Safaris will then acknowledge receipt and in all likelihood accept the application  (we also reserve the right to decline memberships).

3.    Upon confirmation, the member makes a payment into the Club account, so as to formalize membership. Such payment may take the form of a cheque, direct bank deposit, or electronic funds transfer. Credit cards are accepted for ad-hoc payments onsite at Wolwedans only.

4.    Upon receiving payment, Wolwedans opens an account for the new member and sends an opening statement (identical to input). This first statement will serve as a receipt of payment.

5.    After the deposit has been paid into the Club account, the member will be welcome to visit Wolwedans.

6.    An updated statement will be sent to members after every visit

7.    If the credit has been fully utilized, a member can renew membership by transferring another NAD 50.000 (or more) into the Club account (bearing in mind that a membership can only be renewed every 12 months).


The small print

·      Club Chateau is based on mutual goodwill and honesty, allowing for a win-win outcome for both members and Wolwedans. The Club could offer opportunities for misuse at the expense of Wolwedans. Whilst we do not expect anyone to take advantage of the Club, we have to ensure that members do not use their benefits  in ways which are in conflict with the aims of the Club. Therefore, the notes below clarify potential areas of conflict.

·      A membership is only active when a member has credit.

·      Whilst at Wolwedans, members will be treated as normal guests. Special arrangements (e.g scenic drives to specific locations within the NamibRand Nature Reserve, private dinners and drives etc.) can be requested but can’t be claimed as a member’s right.

·      Only 10% of total bed capacity at Wolwedans will be available to members of the Club in any given month. Whilst exceptions could be made during off-season months, the 10% limit will be applied strictly during the high season months (April/May and July to November).

·      Membership – unless renewed - will terminate after a period of 5 years, and any remaining credit will be to the benefit of NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd. Hence, please ensure that your credit is utilized within five years of acquiring membership.

·      Bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and follow the normal procedures through the reservations office in Windhoek

·      Wolwedans reserves the right to increase or reduce published end-user rates as deemed appropriate and dictated by market-related forces (demand and supply, inflation, fuel hikes, etc.).

·      In the event that NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd deems it appropriate to publish and charge solely in foreign currency, (e.g. USD or EURO), at any time in the future, members’ credit will be converted to USD or EURO at the prevalent exchange rate at the time of the booking/visit.

·      Members will not be allowed to bring pets or firearms to Wolwedans.

·      The Club is viewed as a medium- to long-term association. It would be counterproductive to become a member and shortly afterwards make use of the full credit at one single occasion (e.g. weddings). The maximum value per any visit is therefore limited to half your initial input.

·      Any self-drive activity on the Reserve (except for the entrance road to Wolwedans and Aandster) is not allowed. This also includes traveling from Wolwedans village to the lodge or any of the camps (incl. Private Camp).

·      Members will have to respect the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ as prescribed by the Reserve.

·      Any form of trading with the aim of generating profits (i.e. you bought at 50% discount and sell on at published rates less 25%, hence pocketing 25%), will clearly be discouraged as it is regarded as being counterproductive to the Club’s aims and purposes.

·      For the above reason, Club membership will be renewed only once every 12 months. If, for whatever reason, a suspicion of unethical practices is raised, (i.e. trading), NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to decline renewal of membership.

·      The Club is to be regarded as both private and exclusive in nature. NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd therefore reserves the right to decline any application for membership.

·      NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the scheme for whatever reason. In such an event, existing memberships (with credit) would be honored until such time as the credit has been depleted.

·      In the event that members do not utilize their credit to the full extent within the period of five years, any remaining credits will be redeemed by NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd.

·      If a member is found to be transgressing the rules of the Club, or the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, or do anything in conflict with Namibian laws, NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to expel such a member from the Club and reimburse the balance remaining on his or her account to said member.

·      Members will at no time be allowed to cancel their membership and claim back the balance remaining in their account, unless NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd were found to be in gross transgression of the agreement.

·      Membership will be non-transferable to another person or corporate body. In the event of a member passing away, it is suggested that the remaining balance be transferred into the account of the Wolwedans Foundation.

·      Should NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd be declared insolvent, this agreement will be terminated, subject to legal proceedings regarding outstanding debts. 



The reason for entertaining the Club is twofold:

  • We want to make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers, (especially local and regional), by making visits more affordable
  • We want to offer regulars a ‘friendly’ rate and create a stronger bond between Wolwedans and some of its valued clients thus increasing the number of 'Ambassadors'.

On behalf of the Wolwedans family you are invited to consider this proposition. We hope that you will see the merit in joining a circle of special people who cherish nature as much as they enjoy well appointed and charming camps, good food, fine wines and the great Namibian outdoors. Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win/win situation for both the Club member as well as Wolwedans in pursuing its interests.

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