Desert Academy (DA)

The Wolwedans Desert Academy (DA) works together with the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (nice) Restaurant & Bar, where comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the industry is provided in accordance with the syllabi as compiled by the Namibian Training Authority (NTA) and approved by the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA). The aim of the training is not only to improve the service delivery of the tourism and hospitality industry but also to improve the employment opportunities, job security and income of the trainees.

The expected results of the program will be a fully equipped hospitality training institution where Namibians will be trained every year in subjects that are needed to serve the hospitality industry of Namibia.

Since the inception of the institutions in 2007 a total of 198 trainees (2011) have been trained in various levels and qualifications in the hospitality training. All trainees have sat for national assessments offered by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) and have received certification, to date most of the trainees since been recruited by local hotels and restaurants.

The average combined intake is 40 trainees per annum of which 20 trainees’ progress to specialize at Level 3, which is usually a 24 month program. The institutions have a good balance of theoretical and practical exposure to ensure that all graduates are ‘employment ready’ at the end of the program of their choice.

Once the training has been completed, the Wolwedans Foundation Trust will actively assist and support the trainees in securing gainful employment. At the request of a trainee, and whenever possible and feasible, the Wolwedans Foundation Trust will also assist in establishing community-based tourism or SME-based hospitality enterprises. 

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