Welcome to the Wolwedans JobFinder. As you can see, "Operation Wolwedans" requires a host of skilled people to get the job done, keep the ship afloat and make our customers leave happy. Pending season and projects, our team varies between 70 and 100 staff members. So it's a BIG family and, apart from hard work, there’s a lot of fun and games.

No matter what job you are searching for, we are looking for people with fire in their bellies. Young Namibians who don't shy away from work, who are passionate about what they do, who are fit, and who are happy with their lives. 

Values are important to us. So before you consider sending us your CV, have a look at our Value Statement and what we call our Compass.  If you agree with our values and philosphy, then Wolwedans is for you. If you think your ways/ethics/morals will be challenged too much, than rather steer clear. If you're willing to develop your full potential and invest what it takes, then Wolwedans could be the right place for you. 

We offer employment with purpose and competitive packages (including medical and pension), a wonderful working environment, free board and lodging at Wolwedans, training support and the commitment to look after you to the best of our abilities, that is, if you commit to give your best to us!?