4C’s: Culture – Wolwedans Launches Namibian Music Video

Last Thursday 3rd April saw the launch of the brand new Tonetic music video ‘Undefended’ at Nice Restaurant and Bar. The beautiful courtyard at Windhoek’s most contemporary social hub was packed to the brim with members of Windhoek’s Art Scene and Film Industry. The event started off with a few acoustic songs performed by Tonetic & Shishani, a captivating duo that is known for their harmonic voices.


Don Stevenson, Poet, prolific graphic designer and lecturer, then officially opened the event pointing out the importance of art offering different perspectives on reality. He took an excursion into the meaning of love highlighting the similarities of both love and art being of a transcendent quality and thus in an ever changing state of flux.Image 4

The song “Undefended”, which is essentially about love and loss, is a real humdinger and has already been getting a lot of local airplay. Jana Eleanor Brückner, Director and Producer for “Undefended” further delivered a short introduction to the video, in which she relayed the most important ingredient behind making it happen: “I have decided from the beginning that this video is a ‘no money production’- not to be mistaken with a ‘low budget production’, she said with a smile.


The magic captured in the video comes from the love that has been put into this – from all sides. It was all about the resources and expertise everyone could bring to the party. Talking about money would have taken something away from this….” Nonetheless ‘Undefended’ would not have been possible without the generous contribution by the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Wolwedans Foundation, whose ‘in kind’ support of the logistics and access to one of the most visually spectacular places on this planet have made the project possible. The Wolwedans Foundation has previously been instrumental in the promotional of local musicians in the past years by co-sponsoring a number of Namibian Music Festivals.


As the  background to the ‘Undefended’ Music Video Tonetic has published this statement on his Fan page: “A few years back I started an acoustic affair with Shishani, we’ve made quite a number of hemi-semi-demi-quavered babies since… (and) I’m super happy that she features as my musical mistress in the upcoming video for ‘Undefended’.


Of the Cinematography and editing of the ‘Undefended’ video he says: “The technical side was down to two ridiculously passionate and intelligent people, Liberty & Laurent from Endemic Productions. What I think of them is a bit beyond my vocabulary… it would be sinful of me not to work with them again… and again!” ’Undefended’ was recorded by Christian Poloni and Antonio Vilas at NBC Studios in Windhoek.

The video has already made ripples across the internet…enjoying over 3000 views on Vimeo in the first two days and close to 1500 views on Youtube….!


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